Alabaster Woman Ministries
to Alabaster Woman Ministries, an international Christian women's ministry
designed to touch the lives of women from all walks of life who are united by one common desire--to
give God their best everyday! Breaking through denominational walls, traditional barriers, and  
geographical restrictions, Alabaster Woman Ministries embraces women from all walks of life.

Founded in 2010 by
Dr. Michelle T. Johnson, the ministry is based on the fascinating story of the
Alabaster Woman found in Mark 14:1-11. Just as Jesus openly accepted her sacrificial gift of an
alabaster box full of  expensive perfume, despite her being frowned upon by others, Alabaster Woman
Ministries endeavors to follow Jesus' example.  When He saw that this nameless, faceless, Alabaster
Woman gave him the most valuable, and very best gift she had, Jesus responded with a powerful
declaration. In Mark 14:9 he said,
"I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the
world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her."

Through this ministry, Dr. Michelle Johnson is keeping the "memory" of the Alabaster Woman alive,
while giving the 21st Century Alabaster Woman the tools and inspiration she needs to give God
best, just as the very first Alabaster Woman did.

*Alabaster Woman Ministries is not intended to take the place of a local church women’s ministry.
Rather, it acts as a companion throughout the personal spiritual journeys of the women it touches

The purpose of Alabaster Woman Ministries is to help women draw closer to God, grow stronger in
faith, and be inspired to give God their very best each day.

The mission of Alabaster Woman Ministries is to surround women with a powerful, supportive, and
loving community of faith, so they will be equipped to live purposeful, joyful lives, and in turn, impact the
lives of others. Through providing biblical resources, teaching God's word in practical ways, and
demonstrating love through fellowship and sisterhood, Alabaster Woman Ministries will build a
coalition of women actively spreading God's love throughout the world.

The vision of Alabaster Woman Ministries is to create a global network of Christian sisterhood, not
limited by denomination, race, or culture. Through online networks, virtual training, books, and Bible
teaching series, the ministry will develop an international fellowship of women dedicated to spiritual
development, personal growth, and practical application.
“One Alabaster Day at a Time” Blog
Living a life of purpose, joy, and peace, is much easier when you have a sister-friend
walking with you through the process. Read Dr. Michelle's 'One Alabaster Day at a
Time' blog, and receive strength & encouragement.
*Sunday through Thursday*   
“Your Bedtime Blessing” Internet Radio Talk Show
Women give out so much! We are often depleted physically, spiritually, and emotionally
by week's end.
Your Bedtime Blessing replenishes, supports, and encourages you, so
you'll be ready to face a brand new week!  *Sunday 9:30PM EST.
Alabaster Sisterhood
Connect with like-minded women, build long-distance and local relationships rooted in
spiritual sisterhood. Become a part of a supportive national, international, and local
collective of women, across Christian faith communities and denominations!
Alabaster Woman Teaching and Training
Fulfill your desire for a deeper relationship with God; gain  greater understanding of His
word; and build your faith! Dr. Michelle offers free online Bible courses. Register today.
It's free!
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