Alabaster Woman Ministries
If you ask Dr. Michelle T. Johnson to describe herself,
she would likely begin by saying, "I am a daughter of
God, a disciple of Christ, a wife, mother, daughter, and

She indeed has her priorities straight, which is how
Dr. Michelle can so effectively rise to the challenge of
carrying out the numerous assignments
God has entrusted to this Alabaster Woman.

Dr. Michelle is a graduate of Spelman College and the
University of NC at Greensboro, where she earned her
Ph.D. in English. Presently she is the Co-Founder and
School Leader of The Point College Preparatory and Leadership Academy, a charter school preparing over 300 students for college.
She was a former university professor and college administrator before answering God's call to partner with her husband to found and lead a charter school.
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When other couples look at Tacuma and Michelle Johnson,
they see two wonderful examples of true love, partnership, and
reverence for God. But, when Tacuma and Michelle look at
each other, they see a little something more...  

The gaze of a college sweetheart that yet remains smitten
nearly 20 years later.

A far cry from that January day in 1996, when the wide-eyed
twenty-somethings exchanged vows in the middle of a blizzard,
Tacuma and Michelle deeply understand that their union
serves a greater purpose beyond personal happiness.

After 19 years of ministry together, they know exactly what their
mission is, and what they wish to impart to other couples. Dr.
Michelle says, "A major emphasis in the ministry is on
Kingdom marriage principles. We teach and counsel couples
to put God first, honor the God in each other, and to work as
partners in the marriage."
These days, Tacuma and Michelle are serving up wisdom through workshops, pre-marital and marital
counseling, as well as marriage retreats, and fellowships. "We know that God has put us together and
given us an anointing to minister to couples in the African American community'" says Dr. Michelle. "We
have a deep desire to see families strong and children reared in godly homes."

Their Favorite Quotes to Live By:

"Only when we allow God to build our character, to build our marriages, and to build our homes, will we
become a community of people reflecting the light and love of Christ."

"Marriage is about submitting to God first and then to the anointing in each other, so that the power of God
fills our hearts and directs our path."
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She also serves alongside her husband, Pastor Tacuma S. Johnson M. DIV., as First Lady and Co-Pastor of  People First
of God Church in Jamestown, NC, where the two are passionate Kingdom builders. Clearly, Dr. Michelle
is no stranger to impacting lives both professionally, and ministerially. But, she had no idea that God would
stretch her more, by challenging her to lead women around the world through the establishment of Alabaster
Woman Ministries.

Today, Dr. Michelle, who is also a columnist for the award-winning website "Black and Married with Kids" is walking in obedience. As a result, she
is witnessing the life-changing impact Alabaster Woman Ministries is having on women across denominational
lines.  Through teaching, writing, and cultivating  true spiritual sisterhood, Alabaster Woman Ministries is rapidly
growing from its humble beginnings--a group of four women meeting in Dr. Michelle's home.

Dr. Michelle and her husband, Tacuma, have one daughter, Mikhayah Nicole Samori, who is 7 years old.