Alabaster Woman Ministries
The Alabaster Sisterhood is a Christian support network created by Dr. Michelle T.
Johnson, designed for women who want to give God their best, and live a life of
fulfillment, joy, and purpose! The sisterhood provides you with a family, both near
and far, to uphold you in prayer, support you through difficult times, and inspire you to
maximize your full potential.
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Alabaster Sisters share, shout, cry, pray, laugh, and learn together through a bond built upon
love, acceptance, encouragement, compassion, support, friendship, and fellowship.

How Do I Know Alabaster Sisterhood is Right for Me?
Do you want to connect with other women? Share together? Discuss real-life issues? Ask difficult
questions? Read inspirational stories? Meet other women just like you who are also striving to give God
their best?  Connect with a global family of Christian women across denominational and cultural lines?
If so, the Alabaster Sisterhood is the perfect way to link up with like-minded women across the globe, all
surrendering their best to God.

How Do I Join?
It's so easy to become a part of the Sisterhood! When you register free by filling out the online form
below, you will instantly become a part of a growing network. Through email communications,  virtual
Bible classes, and more, you will consistently receive resources via the information you provide during
registration, to help you grow in your walk of faith. Best of all, membership comes at no cost to you! So,
join us today. Begin building long-distance and local relationships, empower yourself to become the
woman God desires you to be, and share your own story of how you're giving God
your best one day at a
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