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Alabaster Woman Ministries
When you're wounded, worn out, and feeling lost, you don't always have strength to
pray. Depending upon how hard things get, you don't always know exactly what to
say. But, that's okay.

Dr. Michelle and Alabaster Woman Ministries is here to believe with you, encourage
you, and stand with you through all of life's transitions.

Whether you're dealing with the death of a loved one, illness, emotional struggles,
uncertainty about life, a strained family relationship, or other deeply personal issues,
Alabaster Woman Ministries wants to pray with you.
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Dr. Michelle and Alabaster Woman Ministries is a strong community of faith, with a firm belief in the
life-transforming power of prayer.  Simply reach out and share your request with full confidence that there is
always an Alabaster Sister thinking of you, and praying for you. Tune into the Alabaster Woman Online Radio
Show on Sunday nights, 9:30 PM EST., to hear and receive prayer. Please indicate in your request if you would
like for your name to be called on the air so others might unite in prayer with you. Email Dr. Michelle at or click the button below to share your prayer request.