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Welcome to Dr. Michelle's Online Bible Study, where you can feel free to learn God's word
in a safe, fun, laid-back environment! If you've ever felt left out in traditional Bible Studies,
where everyone seemed to know more than you; if you've ever felt too embarrassed to
ask a question; if you've ever felt lost and confused during a lesson; Alabaster Woman
Online Bible classes are designed with you in mind!

Learn how to apply biblical principles to your everyday life and go deeper in your walk with
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Dr. Michelle Johnson speaks at women’s
conferences and worship services; conducts
workshops; provides Christian counseling &  
life coaching to individuals, and
small groups

She has over 13 years of teaching experience,
in academic and faith-related settings. See Dr.
Michelle's bio

Speaking and Teaching Topics Include, but
are not limited to:

  • Kingdom Womanhood
  • Sisterhood and Friendships
  • Seeking God First
  • Women in the Bible
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Self-esteem and Identity issues
  • Women’s Professional Lives
  • African American Women’s Issues –
    Past and Present

Dr. Johnson will tailor a teaching lesson or
speech to meet your specific needs. For
requests, please contact:
Get started with the "Every Woman" Bible study.

Women hold a special place in God's heart. During
a time when women were considered inferior to
men, Jesus broke cultural barriers to include
women in his ministry. It's so important that we
read the Bible with an eye toward women.

What does God say about them? What are we
supposed to learn from their lives? During this
study that begins Easter Monday, we will study the
Life and Times of Every Woman in the Bible. Each
week Dr. Michelle will share highlights from the
reading and encourage you to discuss what you are
learning on the blog.

If you just take one hour each week and devote to
this study, your life will be changed.
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